Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium

Product Name: Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium

Fucoidan absorption is increased 17 times without altering its high-molecular-weight

form, so unnecessarily converting it to a lower molecular weight decreases its effectiveness. Nanocapsule technology has produced a long-awaited result.

Protects ingredients from damage by digestive enzymes until they reach the intestines

From the time that it is taken to the time that it reaches the intestines, fucoidan is lost to digestive enzymes such as those in the saliva, stomach juices and pancreatic juices. Including fucoidan in nanocapsules increases the amount of fucoidan that reaches the intestines and improves bodily uptake.

Bionanotechnology is leading the way to the future. Absorption by the intestines is increased 10 times; effectiveness in the body is increased 17 times

Fucoidan in nanocapsule form is not "low-molecular-weight fucoidan."
Decreasing the molecular weight of fucoidan increases its absorption somewhat, but markedly decreases its essential effectiveness.
Nanoencapsulated fucoidan is a cutting-edge nanotechnology that puts fucoidan in its unchanged, highly-effective (high-molecular weight) form in extremely small capsules (approximately 5 nanometers, or 5 thousandths of a millimeter), increasing its absorption by the intestine by 10 times and its uptake (absorption) by the body by 17 times.

Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium 10 packets

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Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium 30 packets

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Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium 90 packets

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Absorption and bodily uptake

Absorption: 10 X This indicates the percentage of fucoidan that enters into the blood from the intestines.
Bodily Uptake: 17 X Bodily uptake indicates the percentage of fucoidan that enters into the blood after being taken orally.
* Fucoidan that is taken orally is inhibited by the digestive enzymes in the saliva, stomach juices, pancreatic juices, bile, etc., reducing the amount that reaches the intestines due to decomposition and damage of its structure. Nanocapsules protect fucoidan from digestive enzymes, increasing its absorption from the intestines 10 times. When calculated based on the amount taken orally, the amount entering the blood is increased 17 times when compared to ordinary fucoidan.

Points for Recommendations

Fucoidan is a high-molecular-weight polysaccharide.
Up until recently, some scholars doubted whether it was even absorbed at all.
It is now known to be absorbed in specific parts of the intestine called Peyer's patches, but it is still undeniable that its absorption is not good.

Nanocapsule technology, a product of cutting-edge nanotechnology, is used by this product to put fucoidan in extremely fine granule nanocapsules, achieving a 17-fold increase in absorption.

This is the world's leading fucoidan product for people who want the strongest possible effectiveness.

Fucoidan: specializes in assisting apoptosis nucleic acids: The third pillar of health that increases the effectiveness of fucoidan. This product also includes autumn turmeric extract, which recent research indicates may support fucoidan through its effects on the supply routes (new blood vessels) that atypical cells use to nourish themselves.

Dosage guidelines

Guidelines are provided for a person with a body weight of 50 kg.

Persons who desire solid support should take 1-2 packets per day.
Approximately 3 packets (3 g of fucoidan) per day is a maximum dosage (the dosage beyond which no major additional benefits can be gained) when taking this product.
Please note that while it takes time for fucoidan's effects to appear, unlike normal fucoidan products, 3 packets per day is sufficient even during the first month because you can expect absorption that is at least 5 times greater, and normally 17 times greater.

If your body weight is much more or less than 50 kg, increase or decrease the amount you take accordingly.

It can be used by small children and pets (dogs and cats).
When doing so, the dosage in the guidelines above should be reduced proportionately to body weight.

Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium: Detailed Information

Product Name Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium
Name Mozuku seaweed extract food product
Ingredients Mozuku seaweed extract, dextrin, salmon milt extract,
autumn turmeric extract, soy lecithin, trehalose, calcium phosphate
Contents • 30 Packets: 96 g (3.2 g X 30 packets)
• 90 Packets: 288g (3.2 g X 90 packets)
Manufacturing Plant Identification Mark Vitalmore Co., Ltd. LCK
Storage Store at room temperature, avoiding high temperatures and humidity and exposure to direct sunlight.
Nutrition Facts
(Per 3.2 g Packet)
Calories: 13.12 kcal
Carbohydrates: 0.22 g
Protein: 0.49 g
Sodium: 77.44 mg
Fat: 0.49 g
Iodine: 0 mg

Tested By: Japan Food Research Laboratory
Testing Report Issued: January 19, 2015
Testing Report No.: 1500165600-01
Tested By: Japan Food Research Laboratory
Testing Report Issued: January 19, 2015
Testing Report No.: 1500165600-02
In-house converted values
Instructions for Use Suggested quantity is 1-3 packets per day, taken as is or mixed well with your favorite beverage.
Cautions Regarding Storage Store in a cool, dark place, avoiding high temperatures and direct sunlight.
This product cannot be stored after opening, so use it quickly.
Store out of the reach of small children.
Brand Vitalmore Co., Ltd.

Providing fucoidan with 10 X greater absorption and 17 X greater uptake (absorption) by the body in its original, highly-effective, high-molecular weight form

Each 3.2 g packet combines 1 g of fucoidan (refined to 93% high purity), and 0.15 g each of nucleic acids and autumn turmeric extract, which provide strong support to fucoidan's effects.

The use of nanocapsule technology provides 17 times greater absorption while still using high-molecular-weight ingredients

Those who want a high concentration of fucoxanthin should use Vital Fucoxanthin Trust, which has guaranteed fucoxanthin contents that you can confirm with peace of mind every time with our periodic content analysis.

Features of Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium

Fucoidan, which normally has a high molecular weight that ranges from tens of thousands to more than a hundred thousand, is prepared to have a molecular weight of about 5,000, without losing its effectiveness.
It is combined with appropriate amounts of nucleic acids and autumn turmeric extract for absorptivity and placed in nanocapsules so that absorption from the intestines is increased 10 times overall, and the amount absorbed (uptake by the body) is increased 17 times, when calculated using the amount taken orally.

Fucoidan is a substance in which L-fucose is extended by sulfate groups (with effectiveness being the same at 13% and above) and the pigment fucoxanthin is also attached in a stable manner, albeit in small amounts. It has been researched in this form since the 1990s, resulting in apoptosis support and a large number of publications.

Vital Nucleic Acid Nano Premium is a fucoidan product that we are proud of, one that can be considered the world leader.

Breakdown and Damage by Digestive Enzymes Many substances, such as fucoidan and the fucoxanthin that it contains, are broken down and damaged by digestive enzymes before reaching the intestines.
Substances that are sealed in nanocapsules are protected from such damage and are absorbed.
Compact and easy to take It seems that there are a lot of people who can't take even ordinary food when their digestive system is weakened by things like the side effects of chemical drugs. Up until now, such people had no alternative to the liquid type when they wanted to take fucoidan, but this problem has been solved by nanocapsules.
Nanocapsules may look like powder or granules, but they are in fact an encapsulated type of superfine granule that is covered by a material to form a special membrane.
Since you only need a small amount, it's very easy to take even for people with digestive problems, children and the elderly, and the fact that you can't taste the ingredients means that many problems that may happen while taking it are eliminated.