Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium

Product Name: Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium

Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium 90 Packet Image; Purity and Baker's Yeast Extract

Absorption increased 17 times	True nanocapsule technology guaranteed The world's first born from bionanotechnology. Beta-1.3/1.6 glucan with dramatically increased absorption for the people who are important to you

Beta-glucans: the light leading the way to the future achieving effectiveness that's been rarely seen throughout history.

The fatal flaws of ordinary baker's yeast beta-glucans are:

  1. Up until now, baker's yeast beta-glucans have had poor absorption.
  2. The only thing considered was the beta-glucan contents, which actually have little effectiveness because they contain no carbohydrate chain nutrients.

Absorption, the problem with baker's yeast beta-glucan, is solved with nanotechnology. Absorption increased 17 times

Our company has succeeded in creating nanocapsules of baker's yeast beta-glucan, which contains abundant amounts of beta-1.3 glucan. This solves the problem of poor absorption of baker's yeast beta-glucans, making it possible to expect characteristics that lead the world.

* Note: Comparison with specially-processed water soluble baker's yeast beta-glucans. The improvement in absorption over ordinary baker's yeast beta-glucans, which are barely absorbed at all because of their water resistance, was so great that a comparison was impossible.

Beta-glucans must be taken at the same time as carbohydrate chains: blended with swallow's nest Protected up to the intestines, increasing effectiveness.

Baker's yeast beta-glucans are blended with swallow's nest extract (swallow's nest), which contains 6 types of carbohydrate chains. Protected from breakdown by digestive enzymes through inclusion in nanocapsules. You can expect a major increase in effectiveness.

Each packet contains 240 mg of beta-glucans and 200 mg of swallow's nest extract.

Each 1.7g packet of Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium combines 240 mg of baker's yeast beta-glucans and 200 mg of swallow's nest extract powder, perfectly nanoencapsulated. The world's first beta-glucan product in nanocapsule form. Expect more than from extract products containing beta-glucan alone.

Vital Beta Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium 10 packets

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Vital Beta Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium 30 packets

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Vital Beta Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium 90 packets

90 packets

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90 packets x 5 sets

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90 packets x 6 sets

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Absorbability and bodily uptake (absorption)

10 times greater absorbability:
This indicates the percentage that enters into the blood from the intestines.
17 times greater bodily uptake:
Bodily uptake indicates uptake into the blood, calculated based on the amount of the component that is taken orally.
* When a substance is taken orally, the amount of the active ingredient is decreased by the time it reaches the intestines due to breakdown of its structure by digestive enzymes. This is explained in an easy-to-understand manner as "absorption".

Points for Recommendations 1

Ordinary baker's yeast beta-glucan is a water-resistant (insoluble in water) high-molecular-weight polysaccharide. It is barely absorbed at all because it does not dissolve in water.

Nanocapsule technology, a product of cutting-edge nanotechnology, was used to develop this product, baker's yeast beta-glucan for which there are no worries regarding absorption because it is in extremely fine nanocapsules.

Points for Recommendations 2

Creating highly-concentrated beta-glucan through repeated extraction actually decreases its effectiveness. Based on current chemistry, it is believed that this decrease is due to the fact that it eliminates carbohydrate chain nutrients, which are contained by other forms of dietary fiber. Because Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium is blended to contain an abundance of swallow's nest extract in addition to xylose, making it possible to take all 8 monosaccharides at once, you can expect it to make full use of the characteristics of beta-glucan.

Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium is not simple beta-glucan; it is also a perfect carbohydrate chain product.

Dosage guidelines

Guidelines are provided for a person with a body weight of 50 kg.(Baker's Yeast)

Persons who desire firm support should take 1 packet per day.
When taking this product, the maximum dosage (the dosage beyond which no major additional benefits can be gained) is approximately 2 packets (480 mg of beta-glucan) per day.
Because you can expect 17 times more absorption, 2 packets per day is sufficient. Due to its good absorption, persons with body weights much higher or lower than 50 kg have no particular need to increase the dosage except in exceptional cases (such as weights of 75 kg or greater).

Products Recommended to be Taken at the Same Time

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Detailed Information on Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium

Product Name Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium
Name Baker's yeast extract food product
Ingredients Dextrin, baker's yeast extract, starch hydrolysate, swallow's nest extract, soy lecithin, trehalose, xylose, calcium phosphate
Contents • 30 Packets: 51g (1.7g X 30 packets)
• 90 Packets: 153g (1.7g X 90 packets)
Manufacturing Plant Identification Mark Vitalmore Co., Ltd. LCK
Storage Store at room temperature, avoiding high temperatures and humidity and exposure to direct sunlight.
Nutrition Facts
* Per 3.2 g packet
Calories: 7.92 kcal
Carbohydrates: 1.19 g
Protein: 0.05 g
Sodium Chloride Equivalent: 1.71 mg
Fat: 0.33g
Beta-Glucan: 240 mg
Tested By: Japan Food Research Laboratory
Testing Report Issued: May 13, 2015
Testing Report No.: 15046189001-0101
Tested By: Japan Food Research Laboratory
Testing Report Issued: July 31, 2015
Testing Report No.: 15060797001-0101
In-house converted values
Instructions for Use Suggested quantity is 1-2 packets per day, taken as is or mixed well with your favorite beverage.
Cautions Regarding Storage Store in a cool, dark place, avoiding high temperatures and direct sunlight.
Use quickly after opening; do not store.
Store out of the reach of small children.
Brand Vitalmore Co., Ltd.

Japan Food Research Laboratory Analysis Results: Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium

Japan Food Research Laboratory Analysis Results: Beta-Glucan

Japan Food Research Laboratory Analysis Results: Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium

Solves the biggest problem with baker's yeast beta-glucan: bodily uptake (absorption)

Absorption increased 17 times True nanocapsule technology guaranteed (Makes baker's yeast beta-1.3 glucan absorbable)

Baker's yeast extract beta glucan: Distributed in more products than any other worldwide, with effectiveness that has been long-awaited, especially in the U.S.

It can be said that beta-glucan has undergone more research than anything else around the world, from all different perspectives.
Its greatest weakness is absorption. Because beta-glucan is water-resistant(insoluble in water), it is almost unabsorbed even by the Peyer's patches, the part of the intestine that can absorb high-molecular-weight materials.

Water-soluble baker's yeast beta-glucan, a recent development

Baker's yeast beta-glucan, in which 1.6 beta-glucan branches from beta-1.3 glucan in places, cannot normally dissolve in water. Therefore, a product was developed that consists only of water-soluble beta-1.3 glucan following neutralization through the disconnection of the beta-1.6 glucan that branches from it by dissolution in alkali solution. This can be considered a substance that has been made soluble by partially breaking down a substance that is originally enormous and insoluble.

Partially decomposing it into beta-1.3 glucan alone in this way changes it into a water-soluble substance.
However, it cannot be denied that its effectiveness is decreased by removing the beta-1.6 glucan portion.

Most of the products sold as water-soluble baker's yeast beta-glucan in recent years can be considered likely to have made use of something close to this technology for the detachment of beta-1.6 glucan.

Beta-1.3 glucan that is chemically extracted from the cell walls of baker's yeast and has undergone this detachment of beta-1.6 glucan has a granule size of approximately 2-5 microns, but it is clear that because beta-glucan itself still has a large molecular weight ranging from the tens of thousands to more than one hundred thousand and a wide distribution, its absorption is poor. A molecular weight that is around 1 million in ordinary gel filtration analysis and the removal of the beta-1.6 branches makes it weak in exhibiting its characteristics within the body.

The Molecular Structure of Baker's Yeast Beta-Glucan

The beta-glucan in this product is beta-1.3/1.6 glucan that is made using a special technology.

Beta-1.3/1.6 glucan is better than beta-1.3 glucan. Far better!

Unnecessarily removing beta-1.6 glucan, which branches off of part of the baker's yeast beta-glucan molecule by way of a hydrogen bond, decreases its effectiveness. The beta-glucan used in Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium does not undergo the removal process described above.

In addition, putting beta-1.3 glucan that still has these branches (some of the 1.6 bonds) in nanocapsules in its high-molecular-weight, highly-effective form provides a revolutionary product that dramatically increases absorption while maintaining effectiveness.

Essentials and Summary of Baker's Yeast Beta-Glucan

* The only water-soluble type of baker's yeast beta-glucan is the beta-1.3-linked type. This weakens its effectiveness.
* Almost all baker's yeast beta-glucan with beta-1.3/1.6 bonds is water-resistant. This makes absorption almost impossible.

Beta-glucan is useless by itself. Taking it along with carbohydrate chain is vital.

Modern science proves: Taking beta-glucan and carbohydrate chain is recommended.

In their natural form, both beta-glucan-containing materials from agaricus and other mushrooms and baker's yeast contain large quantities of carbohydrate chain nutrients other than beta-glucans among their dietary fiber.

Many previous substances have been subjected to "extraction" in order to remove components that were thought not to be active ingredients in order to increase their effectiveness. (Almost all of them, such as vitamins, DHA, gingko leaf extract and fucoidan)

However, the more that beta-glucan is purified, the more effectiveness it loses.

This is thought to be a result of characteristics that result from interaction with carbohydrate chain nutrients.

Because of this, Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium is a reliable blend that contains carbohydrate chain nutrients, which are the second weakness of baker's yeast beta-glucan, after absorption.

Each packet contains a full 200 mg of swallow's nest extract powder to provide carbohydrate chain nutrients.

A perfect carbohydrate chain product

Carbohydrate Chains/8 essential monosaccharides

With beta-glucan, seeking purity alone actually decreases effectiveness.

This is thought to be the result of removing the carbohydrate chains that they contain during extraction.

With Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium, you can get all 8 monosaccharides along with high-quality beta-glucan, so you can expect to get the full benefit of beta-glucan's natural effects.

Highly advanced nanotechnology

17 times more absorption (bodily uptake)

Each 1.7 g packet combines 240 mg of beta-glucan with 200 mg of swallow's nest extract, which strengthens the effects of beta-glucan.

The use of nanocapsule technology provides 17 times greater absorption while still using high-molecular-weight ingredients

Prevents breakdown by digestive enzymes
Beta-glucan is also broken down and inhibited by digestive enzymes by the time that it reaches the intestines.
The best-known form of beta-glucan is the one that is suited for humans, in which glucose forms a downward-facing (beta-bonded) 1.3 backbone and 1.6 branches, but this molecular structure is frequently broken down into mere polysaccharides, which of course damages its characteristics in the body.
Substances that are sealed in nanocapsules are protected from such damage and are absorbed.
Compact and easy to take
It seems that there are a lot of people who can't take even ordinary food when their digestive system is weakened by things like the side effects of chemical drugs. Up until now, there was no alternative to the powdered type when people like this wanted to take baker's yeast beta-glucan, but this problem has been solved by nanocapsules. Nanocapsules may look like powder or granules, but they are in fact an encapsulated type of tiny superfine granule that is covered by a material to form a special membrane. Since you only need a small amount, it's very easy to take even for people with digestive problems, children and the elderly, and the fact that you can't taste the ingredients means that many problems that may happen while taking it are eliminated.

Dosage Guide

We suggest that you take 1-2 packets per day.

Feel free to take this product at any time of the day.
Taking it before bedtime is recommended. If you are taking 2 packets, you may take them both at the same time, or at different times.

If your body weight is more or less than 50 kg:
Examples: 2-3 packets/day is recommended for a body weight of 75 kg, and 3-4 packets/day is recommended for a body weight of 100 kg.

The relationship between absorbability and effects

The use of nanocapsules has been confirmed to dramatically increase absorbability and absorbance (bodily uptake).

You might wonder whether taking 1 mg of nanoencapsulated baker's yeast beta-1.3/1.6 glucan as about the same effects as taking 17 mg of water-soluble baker's yeast beta-1.3 glucan, but unfortunately, that has not been proven yet.

Many of the doctors and scholars that this company works with think that may be the case, but it is well-known that the human body doesn't follow mathematical calculations. Science can postulate that that's probably the case, but it can't guarantee that it is absolutely so.

If you were to ask whether taking 1 g of nanoencapsulated baker's yeast beta-1.3/1.6 glucan will have 17 times the effects of taking 1 g of water-soluble baker's yeast beta-1.3 glucan, it's likely that no scholar would definitively say "yes."

It would appear to be likely based on results in test tubes and animal experimentation, but it's not unusual for things to be different in humans.

The company that supplies our baker's yeast beta-1.3/1.6 glucan has clear data (evidence) that you can take advantage of its benefits by taking 250-500 mg per day.

Thus, you can expect unprecedented potential if you take this amount (1-2 packets per day) in nanoencapsulated form, which offers 17 times absorbance.

How humans can be sure to take advantage of the potential of nanocapsule technology

In order for humans to be sure to take advantage of the potential of nanocapsule technology, we believe that it is vital to ignore these hypotheses for the time being and continue to take the same type and dosage that previous research and evidence recommends.

When taking this product, consider 2 packets per day (500 mg of baker's yeast beta-1.3/1.6 glucan + 500 mg of swallow's nest extract powder) the guideline for the maximum dosage.

Regardless of whether it is nanoencapsulated, the abundant active ingredients that are blended into each packet are a great way of taking our health into consideration. Please be sure to give it a try.

Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium protects your precious health and that of your family.

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