Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules

Product Name: Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules

Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsule 30 capsules

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Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsule 180 capsules

180 capsules

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180 capsules x 3 sets

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180 capsules x 6 sets

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180 capsules x 12 sets

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180 capsules x 24 sets

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Points for Recommendations

This is for people who want a product for family use; it is a high-quality, low-cost product with a focus on fucoidan, which specializes in supporting apoptosis, and its dosage is easy to adjust.
For people who want a product in which the benefits of fucoidan are further strengthened by support from the power of a nucleic acid blend.

For people who think that other forms of the product are difficult to take.
Recommended for people with normal digestion.

People whose digestion is extremely weak or in poor condition due to chemical drugs should consider "a liquid product with excellent absorption, a fucoidan product which leads the world by using nanotechnology to provide 17 times greater absorption":
Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium

Dosage guidelines

Guidelines are provided for a person with a body weight of 50 kg.

Normally, 6 capsules per day should be taken to maintain health.
Persons seeking greater support should take 12 or more capsules per day; approximately 18 capsules (3 g of fucoidan) should be used as the maximum dosage (the dosage beyond which no increased effects can be obtained.)
Please note that while it takes time for fucoidan's effects to appear, the maximum recommended dosage for the first month only is 54 capsules.

If your body weight is much more or less than 50 kg, increase or decrease the amount you take accordingly.

It can be used by small children and pets (dogs and cats). When doing so, the dosage in the guidelines above should be reduced proportionately to body weight.

The powerful "third pillar of health" that is selected by specialists is nucleic acids.
This product makes it possible to be sure of getting DNA and fucoidan at a low price.

We highly recommend that you add beta-glucan so you can get all of the three strong pillars.

It uses fucoidan from Okinawan mozuku seaweed that has been refined to a high purity of 93%. And of course, we use no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules: Detailed Information

Product Name Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules
Name Mozuku seaweed extract food product
Ingredients Mozuku extract (product of Okinawa prefecture), salmon milt extract, yeast ribonucleic acid, HPMC
Contents 55.8 g (weight per capsule: 310 mg (contents: 250 mg) X 180 capsules)
Sold By: Vitalmore Co., Ltd. 6-6-576 Sakuragaoka-Higashi, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama-ken
Manufactured By: Kanahide Bio Co. Ltd.
5-2-2 Nishizaki-cho, Itoman-shi, Okinawa-ken
Storage Avoid high temperatures and humidity and exposure to direct sunlight during storage.
Nutrition Facts
(Per 6 Capsules (1.86 g))
Calories: 5.84 kcal
Carbohydrates: 0.09g
Protein: 0.46g
Sodium Chloride Equivalent: 0.16g
Fat: 0.01g
Iodine: 0.127 μg

Tested By: Japan Food Research Laboratory
Testing Report Issued: August 28, 2015
Testing Report No.: 15089515001-0101
Testing Report Issued: August 28, 2015
Testing Report No.: 15089515001-0201
In-house converted values
Instructions for Use We recommend that you take 6-18 capsules per day as is with cold or lukewarm water.
Cautions Regarding Storage Please note that the properties of the capsules may result in stickiness during the summer and cracks during the winter.
Store out of the reach of small children.
Brand Vitalmore Co. Ltd.

High-quality capsules those are small and easy to take Fucoidan with 2 types of nucleic acid

A highly-effective fucoidan product that includes nucleic acids to improve fucoidan's effects

The use of plant-based capsules means that they are also extremely safe, as well as light and easy to pick up.
It's perfect for people who find the liquid form hard to take, people who want to adjust the dosage to what's right for them and for people who want a product everyone in their family can take.

The main ingredients of Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules

(1) The main ingredient is fucoidan from Okinawan mozuku seaweed, which is an extremely popular type right now.

The fucoidan used in Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules is high-purity 100% Okinawan mozuku seaweed extract, containing 93% fucoidan.
We use as our main ingredient fucoidan with quality you can be sure of, manufactured with strict quality control in a plant that follows GMP for dietary supplements and ISO 22000.
* This ingredient contains at least 93% fucoidan.
Chemical Analysis Values from Kanahide Bio Co., Ltd. (Standard: 85% or higher)

(2) Highly-safe DNA-Na extracted from salmon milt is used as a source of nucleic acids.
This product contains a robust blend of nucleic acids: DNA refined from salmon milt to a high purity of at least 86%, and ribonucleic acid (RNA) extracted from yeast to meet or exceed the standard 80% level.

RNA is a vital nutrient, especially for the synthesis of brain proteins.

Because it is a high-quality, high-molecular-weight nucleic acid, it is able to reliably carry out its natural role without being broken down before reaching the liver.
The nucleic acids used in this product are manufactured through a high-tech process that uses the latest biotechnology.
*Rest assured that we use marine products of confirmed safety.

One of the major advantages of the ingredients used in Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules is the fact that they are water soluble, which means that they are easy on the digestive system.
They are very easy on the body, which means that you can take large quantities without worry.

Reliable quality and safety control

It's a product with no preservatives, artificial colors or other additives-- of course!
(Nucleic acids increase the effectiveness of fucoidan)

The 3 Pillars of Health: Why we recommend taking nucleic acids and fucoidan together

Simple Explanation

Nucleic acids are involved in apoptosis, through which cells create copies of themselves and allow young cells to take over their roles.

This is widely known as metabolism.
Nucleic acids are the main component of cellular nuclei, and carry genetic information that is deeply involved in metabolism.

When taken along with fucoidan, they increase its effects.

The 3 Pillars of Health: Why we recommend taking nucleic acids and fucoidan together

[Important] Nucleic acids have similar effects to fucoidan, but through a different route.

Almost all of the 60 trillion cells that make up the human body undergo metabolism.
Cells that have gotten old, suffered genetic damage or been infected with bacteria or viruses are constantly replaced through a process of selectively making copies of themselves and then dying.

Under normal conditions, the processes of reproduction by healthy cells and elimination of cells that have suffered problems for some reason must be in balance.
Nucleic acids are a component of cellular nuclei that act like a storehouse for genetic information, and without them, it is impossible for a single cell to multiply to create the 60 trillion cells that make up an adult.

Research from Harvard University has indicated that adenylic acid, which is one of the components of nucleic acids, is connected to genes and apoptosis.

The characteristics that involve it in metabolism through natural means that differ from the route through which fucoidan is involved deserve attention.


Out of the 60 trillion cells that make up the human body, about half of them (30 trillion) are part of the blood. Two thirds of them are red blood cells, which live for approximately 120 days. They are replaced constantly, and the bone marrow makes close to 200 billion of them every day. White blood cells are fewer in number and even shorter-lived; almost all of them are replaced within a few hours or days. When you think about the excretion and growth of these blood cells, the oxygen and nutrients carried in this liquid and the work that white blood cells are responsible for, there's nothing strange about thinking that nucleic acids have an important role even when compared to the many other types of nutrients that exist. If blood and its circulation are the wellspring of health, then nucleic acids are the source of that wellspring.

Nucleic acids support a vibrant and youthful life

[Important] Nucleic acids synthesized through two routes. Take a look at their different characteristics.

With the exception of some cells in the brain and elsewhere, all of the 60 trillion cells of the body undergo metabolism, and are repeatedly replaced in order to keep the body as young and healthy as possible.

One of the vital types of material that are involved in this metabolism (that is, cellular growth) is nucleic acids.
Nucleic acids are created primarily by two types of synthesis in the liver.

Salvage Synthesis

After being broken down by the digestive organs, the nucleic acids that are eaten or otherwise taken in orally arrive at the liver.
The nucleic acids that are resynthesized from these decomposed constituents are called "salvage-synthesized nucleic acids."

De Novo Synthesis

The body's needs for nucleic acids that are not met by salvage synthesis are supplemented by de novo synthesis, which is carried out primarily in the liver.

This is a life-sustaining function in which nucleic acids are synthesized using the amino acids in the body.
Because the everyday creation of cells would be impossible and life activities would be difficult without nucleic acids, the liver would be able to supplement them through de novo synthesis even if no nucleic acids at all were taken orally.

These de-novo synthesized nucleic acids are said to be immature.

Nucleic acids synthesized through 2 routes: Same type, different characteristics
Salvage synthesis and de novo synthesis are adjusted using what is called "feedback control".

This function somehow increases de novo synthesis automatically when salvage synthesis increases, and increases it automatically when salvage synthesis decreases, keeping the amount of nucleic acids in the body stable. Because of this, it used to be said that our health would suffer no ill effects even if we consciously decided not to take any nucleic acids orally (through food and similar sources.)

Ordinary bodily cells can use either kind of nucleic acid to replicate themselves (undergo metabolism) without problem.

However, defective cells, etc. cannot use anything other than nucleic acids created through de novo synthesis.

In other words, strengthening the oral consumption of nucleic acids by defective cells causes the nucleic acids in the body to consist of nothing but those produced through salvage synthesis, which causes sources of nutrition for abnormal cells to dry up-- it could be said that doing so starves them out.

Consuming enough nucleic acids increases salvage synthesis and limits de novo synthesis.

Consuming nucleic acids is considered to have many benefits, but one of the most important is making feedback control possible, which limits the amount of nucleic acids that are created through de novo synthesis.

The fact is that some synthesis of nucleic acids, however small, takes place at the individual cell level, so although taking nucleic acids orally can promote salvage synthesis and decrease de novo synthesis, it cannot completely inhibit the growth of defective cells.

However, when compared to a situation in which the liver is able to carry out de novo synthesis unimpeded, increasing salvage synthesis in the liver by being conscious of nucleic acid consumption can be expected to cause a decrease that will starve defective cells.

Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules will protect precious health of you and your family.