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Collection: Vital Fucoxanthin Trust

Vital Fucoxanthin Trust

Product Name: Vital Fucoxanthin Trust

The world's leading product that provides fucoxanthin: Approximately 550 mg per bottle.

High-purity fucoxanthin powder in easy-to-take capsule form.

A 45 g bottle that contains 180 capsules contains about 550 mg of fucoxanthin.

Because fucoxanthin is an unstable substance, results of analysis by Japan Food Research Laboratory are regularly published on this site.

Refrigerator Storage Type

In order to maintain stability, store this product in a refrigerator or other environment that is maintained at 5°C or less. Refrigeration better ensures the stability of fucoxanthin. This does not mean that the fucoxanthin in this product will break down if it is not refrigerated. We've spent money to create a refrigerator-storable product so you can put it to better use.


Points for Recommendations

Fucoxanthin, a pigment that is contained by fucoidan, has long been known to be the most important substance contained by fucoidan, which specializes in assisting apoptosis.
It lets people who don't feel confident taking fucoidan alone take a fucoxanthin product with high contents and high stability at a low price.

Please take it along with a fucoidan product.

Dosage guidelines

Guidelines are provided for a person with a body weight of 50 kg.

The fact is that there is no firm dosage for people who want apoptosis support. Due to problems like lack of stability, more research is needed in the future in order to establish a more specific dosage.

Based on the little data that is currently available, including comparisons of products from other companies, etc., we suggest that persons who want firm support take at least 3 capsules per day (9 mg of fucoxanthin), while those who want a high level of support should take 6 capsules per day (18 mg of fucoxanthin.)

If your body weight is much more or less than 50 kg, increase or decrease the amount you take accordingly.

If you are taking this product for dieting purposes, 1 capsule per day (3 mg of fucoxanthin) is normally sufficient.

Products Recommended to be Taken at the Same Time

Indispensable: Fucoidan

We strongly believe that taking fucoidan at the same time as Vital Fucoxanthin Trust is indispensable.

Fucoxanthin is a pigment that is part of fucoidan.
There is a great deal of data on fucoidan from 1996 on, but so far there is little about fucoxanthin alone.

Vital Fucoxanthin Trust is manufactured for people who want more apoptosis support than is provided by fucoidan (fucose that is linked with sulfate groups, with very small amounts of fucoxanthin attached) alone.

We strongly recommend that you take fucoidan at the same time in order to obtain more reliable apoptosis support.

The fucoidan product with the highest effectiveness is Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium, which uses nanocapsule technology to increase bodily uptake 17 times.

If you are concerned with monthly cost, use Vital Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsules.

Recommended: Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium

Black yeast fermentation liquid, which is the first of the three pillars of health, contains abundant amounts of beta-1.3/1.6 glucan and complex carbohydrate chains, and it is able to provide stronger immune support than materials such as fucoidan.

It is no mistake to say that immunity is the most important power for maintaining health. If you neglect immunity, going out of your way to take fucoxanthin could be considered pointless.

The product we recommend is Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium, as it makes it easy to strike a balance between dosages of fucoidan and black yeast fermentation liquid, for example.

Vital Fucoxanthin Trust: Detailed Information

Product Name Vital Fucoxanthin Trust
Name Kombu seaweed extract food product
Ingredients Gum Arabic, Kombu seaweed extract, processed starch, HPMC, sucrose esters, vitamin C, Tocopherol
Contents 55.8g
(Weight per capsule: 310 mg, contents per capsule: 250 mg X 180 capsules)
Detailed Contents Contents per capsule: 250 mg, with 1% to 1.25% fucoxanthin
*Approximately 2.5-3.125 mg
Manufacturing Plant Identification Mark Vitalmore Co., Ltd. LCK
Storage Refrigeration required: Store at 5°C or below, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.
Nutrition Facts
Per 6 Capsules (1.86 g)
Calories: 8.1 kcal
Protein: 0g
Fucoxanthin: 19.9 mg
Fat: 0.21g
Iodine: 0mg
Carbohydrates: 1.55g
Sodium chloride equivalent: 0.01mg

Tested By: Japan Food Research Laboratory
Testing Report Issued: January 6, 2016
Testing Report No.: 16033069001-01
In-house converted values
Instructions for Use We recommend that you take 3-6 capsules per day.
JAN Code 4 582278 230113
Brand Vitalmore Co., Ltd.


Fucoxanthin is a special substance that is found only in kombu, muzuku, wakame and other seaweeds that are classified as brown algae; it classified as a xanthophil and is a type of non-provitamin A carotenoid.

Fucoidan is one of the pigment components of fucoidan, but fucoidan makes up only about 1% of its raw material and fucoxanthin makes up only 1% of fucoidan, or about 0.01% of the raw material.

Fucoxanthin Powder: High purity, contains 1-1.25%

Results of the analysis of nutrition facts for Vital Fucoxanthin Trust (Japan Chemical Analysis Center)

Vital Fucoxanthin Trust consists of fucoxanthin powder with fucoxanthin contents of 1-1.25% in a safe plant-based capsule, manufactured with care in a plant that follows GMP for dietary supplements and ISO 22000.

Of course, it is free of flavorings, dyes, and preservatives.


Weaknesses of Fucoxanthin

As stated on its explanatory page, fucoxanthin is a substance that has extremely poor stability.

It is extremely susceptible to high temperatures and light, and under bad storage conditions, it starts to break down quickly after extraction; in some cases as much as 30% has been lost by the time the raw material arrives.

After being processed into the product, cases in which 60% is lost in 3 months and 97% is lost in a year can be expected.

For many previous fucoxanthin products, testing by persons connected with the company found the contents immediately after manufacture and used them as the product's contents without adjustment.

Of course, it is difficult to imagine that those contents are maintained throughout the shelf life, and it is possible that the decrease described above takes place as well, depending on the storage environment after purchase.


Highly-stable products are typically manufactured so that they undergo almost no degradation under ordinary storage conditions.
Vitamins that are referred to as having poor stability are vulnerable to heat and oxygen, but despite that fact, they are stabilized when put into product form in consideration of their vulnerability.
This is because vitamins are products for which stability must be confirmed as a minimum requirement, as it is a requirement for products like drugs.

This stands to reason, as it would be a problem for prescription vitamin preparations and products that are sold in stores to have contents that vary greatly depending on their date of manufacture.

Of course, the shelf life that is displayed is set at 1-3 years based on a consideration of this stability.

In contrast to drugs, products like supplements are classified as foods in Japan, and are not subject to strict regulations.

However, even though it is a supplement, it would not be make sense for a company to create a product based on a substance that loses 10% or 20% to things like time and heat.

The reason that our company took the chance of selling this difficult product as a product was that many people were buying expensive products in order to make use of the possibilities of fucoxanthin, even though few users knew the facts.


Using high-stability fucoxanthin powder

Our company spent 5 whole years on research searching for a raw material with excellent stability.

The fucoxanthin used as the raw material is derived from kombu seaweed.

Its stability is increased by coating its surface with starch.

Requiring refrigeration in order to help fucoxanthin's stability

Vital Fucoxanthin Trust uses fucoxanthin powder with extremely high stability.

In endurance testing carried out at under demanding conditions for fucoxanthin (a temperature 40°C (±2°C) and relative humidity of 75% (±5%)), a mere 2-3% was lost after 4 months, maintaining contents at least 1% higher than the standards for the raw material.

Because the contents of fucoxanthin remain extremely stable for at least 2 years in an environment with a temperature of no more than 5°C, the capsules used were a plant-based type for which refrigeration is required with product standards that call for a temperature of no more than 5°C.

It is kept at or below 5°C at all times and shipped using refrigerated shipping after it is ordered.

If you store it in your refrigerator or otherwise keep it at or below 5°C, you can use it with peace of mind, maintaining the high purity of fucoxanthin.

Vital Fucoxanthin Trust: Current fucoxanthin contents analysis data

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