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What I want to say to the people I care about.

Regain the health you had in those days.
You have the right and the need to obtain the real information and to learn about the products that are really right for you.

If you don't have credible information, even if you encounter good products you will become anxious and back away, and won't be able to continue using them, and then you won't get good results. You probably determine the relative merits of products from doctors' recommendation and titles, and from the size of the company. Through knowledge, your anxiety will be reduced, you will make maximum efforts on what you can do right now.

Health does not come from the following the current common practices, it comes from learning the correct knowledge, making up your own mind, believing in the best outcome, and by patiently continuing with the program.

Our company does not run on the profit-first principle. We will continue to transmit information that makes a contribution.

17 times the absorption. 2 types of "Nanopremium," Fucoidan & beta-glucan

17 times the absorption of Fucoidan - Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium

2 types of new technology: Nanocapsule products that increase the absorption of Fucoidan by 10 times and bodily uptake by 10 times.

● The world's first
Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium, with remarkably enhanced beta-glucan absorption

Bodily uptake

Percentage of a substance taken by mouth that reaches the intestines after withstanding damage from digestive enzymes, is then absorbed through the intestines, and enters the bloodstream. Here, in order to make it easier for general readers to understand, we express it as Bodily uptake = Absorption.

Our specialist staff have refined and focused their long years of experience and knowledge to select these health ingredients.

Our recommended 3 pillars of health

The 2 most important large and solid foundation stones are beta-1.3/1.6 glucan + carbohydrate chain and Fucoidan.

The ingredients, which have different properties and direction, are expertly combined to enhance their power.

  • highly absorbable beta glucan and carbohydrate chain taken at the same time
  • highly pure 93% Fucoidan
  • nucleic acid supports metabolism and the properties of Fucoidan


It is recommended that beta-1.3/1.6 glucan and carbohydrate chain nutrients, which have the power to support vitality, and Fucoidan, which has the power of brown algae, taken at the same time.

Having any kind of biased thinking or information will reduce the possibility of obtaining good results.
With not 1 but 2 and not 2 but 3 pillars, you will achieve more consistent results. We support people who think seriously about their health.

At this site, we recommend synergistic intake

We would like you to emphasize maximizing the beneficial properties.

And to add unknown possibilities + Vital-Fucoxanthin Trust

This is a combination that emphasizes functionality over cost.

Our company's recommended high-functionality, low-cost products

Nanocapsule granule type enhances absorption outstandingly -For those who are looking for the maximum functionality.

Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium

Product Name:Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Nano Premium 30 packets

Regular/Member Price: $389 (US)

Suggested retail price $432 (US)

Achieves 17 times the bodily uptake using nanocapsule technology, which preserves the high molecular structure of Fucoidan with the highest properties
The world's leading Fucoidan product


Vital Beta Glucan Nano Premium

Product Name:Vital Beta-Glucan Carbohydrate Chain Nano Premium

Regular/Member Price: $389 (US)

Suggested retail price $432 (US)

1 capsule contains 240mg of beta-1.3/1.6 glucan. Provides strong immune support. Nanocapsule granule type, with remarkably enhanced absorption


Vital-Fucoxanthin Trust

Product Name:Vital-Fucoxanthin Trust 180 capsules

Regular/Member Price: $292 (US)

Suggested retail price $389 (US)

1 bottle/180 capsules contains 550mg of Fucoxanthin. Content guaranteed product, meaning that the content of ingredients is periodically disclosed


Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsule

Product Name:Vital-Nucleic Acid Fucoidan Capsule

Regular/Member Price: $124 (US)

Suggested retail price $195 (US)

A compound of Fucoidan + 2 types of nucleic acids, in an easy-to-swallow capsule



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